New Industry Changes

The Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS) is being updated* to ensure installers are experienced before they add to their existing training.
From the 1st June 2022, candidates will have to prove that they have held an ACS qualification for a minimum of 12 Months in order to:
Extend Scope: Moving from one sector to another e.g. Domestic to Commercial, Catering or LPG changeover.
Extend Range: Remaining within the sector but adding additional appliances or modules e.g. holding CCN1 & CENWAT and adding Fires (HTR1) or Cookers (CKR1).
*Candidates will have to provide evidence to prove this at the time of booking. Evidence can be provided by supplying copies of old cards or certificates.
Re-assessments will NOT be affected by these changes.
Basically  the scheme expects engineers to gain some experience in what they’ve been trained initially before extending the scope of their work.
Please note: These changes are nationwide and are not coming from Stamford Gas Training. All training centres in the UK will have to adhere to the new requirements.
We are supporting these changes for the better and will continue to improve our training programme to deliver what the industry is looking for.